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Apprenticeship Employment Opportunities Act Repealed

June 8, 2021

ENACTED: Bill 55 – Reducing Red Tape and Improving Services Act, 2021

Bill 55 amends several Acts and repeals two Acts to reduce or eliminate regulatory requirements or prohibitions and to streamline government operations. This act repeals The Apprenticeship Employment Opportunities Act (Public Works Contracts).

Under this Policy, contractors were required to employ apprentices in order to be awarded a public works contract. Previously, public works contracts contained a commitment by the contractor to employ apprentices for the duration of the contract. The intent of this Policy was to ensure that public works contracts provide apprenticeship employment opportunities in order to expand Manitoba’s skilled workforce and contribute to strong economic growth in the province.

The Government of Manitoba has increased apprenticeship ratios to 2:1 to create more apprentices, but refuses to create opportunity.

In order to grow a local skilled trade workforce and give apprentices opportunity you need places for them to go to work, learn skills, and advance in their levels.

As a major construction employer through public projects, this government has shown that they are not interested in investing in opportunities for workers.

There is no planned investment in infrastructure. While governments across the world are green lighting at infrastructure projects to help boost the economy after COVID, Brian Pallister’s government lays off hundreds of journeymen, cuts project spending and refuses to hire Apprentices.

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No Jobs Ahead Campaign 

There are over 30 different skilled construction trade apprenticeships in Manitoba. Applying the same ratio to all of them, without consulting industry will lead to dangerous outcomes.

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