June 26, On this day in 1919…   The Winnipeg General Strike officially ends at 11 a.m. as business owners and government officials refuse to bargain with employees any further. […]


June 17,  On this day in 1919…    The Federal Government makes revisions to the Criminal Code, broadening the definition of sedition, and allowing the arrest of any member of an “unlawful organization” suspected of conspiring against the Dominion […]


June 5    On this day in 1919…  In response to the unrest generated by the Winnipeg General Strike and sympathetic strikes across Canada, Federal Justice Minister, Arthur Meighen, asks the […]


June 4, On this day in 1919…   Despite their attempts to silence rumours of socialist revolutions on the prairies, neither Federal Justice Minister, Arthur Meighen or the Labour Minister, […]