CEO Sudhir Sandhu Discusses MBTI’s Vision for the Future

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CEO Sudhir Sandhu Discusses MBTI’s Vision for the Future

September 18, 2020

As the Manitoba Building Trades Institute (MBTI) team eagerly prepares to welcome students across the province to the facility for the first time, our CEO, Sudhir Sandhu, reflects on MBTI’s extensive five-year journey to create Canada’s best equipped trades exhibition hall.

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“The vision for Manitoba Building Trades is to fully support the men and women who build every structure that supports human activity. They deserve our appreciation for creating the spaces and places that we call home,” says Sandhu. “We want to provide skilled craftspeople the tools, training and innovative technology to help them express their creativity with pride and a sense of fulfilment.”

To promote these goals, MBTI’s programs and hands-on learning approach will help both young people exploring future careers and existing industry workers develop their skills, adopt new ones, and give them the experience necessary to excel in the workplace.

“MBTI is a place for research, innovation, exploration and learning. We will provide all that is necessary for new and working trades people to be the best at the careers they have chosen.”

It’s taken a lot of hard work, collaboration, and belief to translate this vision into a reality, with buying and renovating the trades exhibition hall building becoming the easier side of the project.

“Giving the facility purpose and making a meaningful contribution is by far the more difficult part and seeing that come to fruition is exhilarating. There were many times we could have stopped, but collectively we held firm that MBTI is essential to our success and that of many young people decades into the future.”

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Message to current members, future skilled trades workers, and apprentices in Manitoba:

It takes very special people with very unique talents to create. That goes for all creative arts including the skilled trades. Skilled tradespeople are artisans who take what others have imagined on paper and turn it into reality. That is a very special gift.

We have built MBTI to support these artisans in perfecting their skills. I hope people who come to our facility to learn will excel in their chosen trades and if we can play a part in helping them realize their aspirations. We hope they will pay that forward by helping, encouraging and mentoring other aspiring artisans.


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