confined space (theory + practical)

1 Day (8 hours)
Classroom and Practical

Class Size

8-16 participants
Auditorium available for large groups



Course Description

A one-day awareness program that includes classroom and practical learning. This program includes access to MBTI’s state-of-the-art confined space simulator, various equipment, and a practical exercise to understand safe entry. The course will address the hazards associated with confined spaces and it will outline the duties and responsibilities of all members.  In addition to confined space entry procedures and possible hazards, this course will discuss the need for appropriate personal protective equipment, the selection requirements and pre-entrance testing for each level of protection.

Learning Objectives

  • Legislated Roles and responsibilities
  • Confined space theory, regulations, and application
  • Usage of modern, commercially available confined space equipment and components
  • Calculating ventilation and CFM for all environments
  • Confined Space Documentation Requirements: due diligence, compliance and planning, Pre-entry permit forms, Entry checklist, Entry permit functions
  • Common hazards within confined spaces: Flammable and explosive atmospheres, Toxic vapours and gases, Electrical and mechanical hazards, Physical safety hazards, noise, vibration, and ergonomic
  • Rescue team members and rescue planning
  • Inspection and maintenance for all systems
  • Achieve familiarity with atmospheric testing equipment and entrance equipment
  • Basic knowledge and proficiency in the identification and classification of confined spaces and in the identification of restricted spaces
  • How to recognize risks and hazards of confined/restricted spaces demonstrate knowledge of methods of controlling them
  • How to define the duties of a confined space attending worker (monitor)
  • How to apply knowledge of Canadian legislation and the Code of Practice to work in each province


The MBTI program participants will enter a simulated confined space to acquire hands on experience in a safe environment following all safety procedures and checks.  Student safety will be monitored during the simulated training exercises, and other options are available with VR technology should entry not be possible.

Confined Space
(Theory + Practical)
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