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SiteReadyMB is an interactive, general orientation course designed specifically to prepare individuals who want to upgrade their skills or are preparing to enter or re-enter Manitoba’s construction industry.

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Safety Knowledge Evaluation

This online evaluation is a 10-part exam designed to evaluate individual knowledge in 10 critical areas of safety. The Safety Knowledge Evaluation can be used for individuals or entire organizations to help pinpoint specific training needs

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Personal Protective Equipment

Worksites can be very dangerous and unpredictable places. By wearing personal protective equipment, commonly known as PPE, you can protect yourself against hazards and reduce your chances of getting hurt.

Construction Safety Basics

This program is designed to provide learners with a high-level overview of a number of construction safety topics and safety rules to comply with OSHA standards.

Incident Investigation + Root Cause analysis

This online Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively to incidents by following a well-defined process for investigations.

Material Handling Practices - Construction

Knowing how to use materials handling equipment properly and ergonomically can help you avoid injuries. In this course, you will learn about types of equipment and associated safe practices.

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