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COVID-19 Weekly Update April 3

April 3, 2020

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Provincial updates

Public health officials advise 15 additional cases of COVID-19 have been identified as of 9:30 a.m., bringing the total number of lab-confirmed positive and probable positive cases in Manitoba to 182. In addition, a second death has been reported.

  • Today, the province announced over $100 million in support and relief for Manitoba’s fight against COVID-19. They added new measures to the Manitoba Protection Plan to provide extra support and relief to homeowners and businesses, and to enhance health preparedness for new medical equipment and shelter space. 
  • A change in protocol will soon require health-care workers working in patient care roles at facilities including at hospitals, long-term care facilities, health centres, nursing stations, Access Centres and COVID-19 testing locations to expand their use of procedure masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • At least 70 Health Sciences Centre staff self-isolating after COVID-19 exposure. 
  • Public health is also advising that people remain within or close to their home communities. This includes limiting travel, even within Manitoba, to essential trips only.
  • The government issued an order enabling the registrar of the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba to waive or modify registration requirements for former registered nurses, allowing them to apply for temporary registration during the pandemic on an expedited basis. Former registrants of the college seeking information on temporary registration requirements should visit
  • Manitoba is suspending classroom learning for kindergarten to Grade 12 students indefinitely for this school year.
  • The Manitoba government has issued a new public health order that came into effect April 1, which will require all non-critical businesses to close until April 14. The list of public health orders and the schedule of critical services can be found online at
  • Businesses with questions about how the order and schedule of critical services apply to their operations can visit

The new public health order includes several restrictions:

  • Public gatherings are limited to no more than 10 people indoors or outdoors,
  • All restaurants and other commercial facilities that serve food are prohibited from serving food in their premises, preventing eat-in dining at all facilities,
  • Restaurants and other facilities can still serve food for takeout or delivery,
  • All businesses that aren’t listed as critical services must close between April 1 and April 14, this does not prevent businesses from operating on a remote basis,
  • The order does not restrict delivery of services by the federal or provincial government, or a municipality,
  • The order does not affect institutions, agencies and other service providers who provide health-care services,
  • Transit services, taxis and other private vehicles for hire can continue to operate while following physical distancing guideline.

As Manitoba’s health system continues with preparations to ensure it is prepared to meet the needs of patients and to ensure appropriate protection from COVID-19 is available to health-care workers, donations of the following supplies are now welcome:

  •  N95 respirators of various models and sizes, both hospital and industrial grade;
    •    surgical/procedure masks;
    •    gloves;
    •    disposable gowns; and
    •    disinfectants and cleaners.

Supplies must be in original packaging, clean and in useable condition.  Expired supplies will not be accepted. For more information on donating supplies, visit or call (toll-free) 1-833-408-0101.

For more information and to access the online screening tool for COVID-19, visit


Federal updates

As of April 2, 2020, 11,268 people were confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 including 138 people who have died. 

For the latest info on the state of COVID-19 in Canada, visit the Government of Canada’s website.


Industry updates

Province deems construction essential; trade unions call for clarity on safety

Construction industry making changes due to COVID-19

Construction Work Was Already Dangerous. Coronavirus Is Making It Worse.

Canada’s trucking and logistics industry faces critical labour shortage

Canada continues Transmountain pipeline construction


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