Diversity + Inclusion

MBTI is committed to workforce development and participation initiatives for under-represented groups. We focus on creating continuous employment opportunities to achieve higher completion rates for women and Indigenous apprentices.

A coordinated model of recruitment, training, employment, and advancement, will ensure entry and retention in to the skilled trades.

Program delivery partners

Pathways to work

As part of our commitment to building strong relationships with Indigenous communities, Manitoba Building Trades has partnered with Pathways to Work to deliver essential skills training in Manitoba First Nations.

Build Together

Build Together is a workforce development program focused on the recruitment and retention of workers from underrepresented portions of the population. It is an initiative of Canada’s Building Trade Unions and has chapters in provinces across Canada.

Office to Advance Women Apprentices

The Office to Advance Women Apprentices Manitoba is an organization for female apprentices (or women entering apprenticeable trades) to receive support and guidance as they advance through their apprenticeship to journeyperson status in one of the many construction trades. The office will work to develop partnerships with employers, unions, government and training institutions to assist in accomplishing these goals.

Training Resources

Indigenous Training Resources

The Manitoba Aboriginal Health and Safety Initiative (MAHSI) was a 2-year project committed to developing culturally-appropriate workplace health and safety training for Aboriginals workers, employers, and other stakeholders.