Building the Future Together: Manitoba Building Trades Backs New Ministerial Mandate Letters

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Building the Future Together: Manitoba Building Trades Backs New Ministerial Mandate Letters

October 31, 2023

Building the Future Together: Manitoba Building Trades Backs New Ministerial Mandate Letters

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction and infrastructure development, the role of government is indispensable. The decisions made by government officials affect not only the projects they undertake but also the livelihoods of countless individuals working in the construction industry. As the voice of organized construction labour in Manitoba, we are proud to voice our support for the recently released Ministerial Mandate Letters, including:

These letters signify promising steps towards shaping the future of our industry, and here’s why we are fully on board.

Promotion of Skilled Trades

Our organization has always been a vocal advocate for the promotion of and respect for skilled trades professionals in the construction industry. We firmly believe that investing in skills training and development benefits everyone – workers, employers, and the entire province. The emphasis on creating 10,000 new jobs in the skilled trades and the inclusion of skilled trades at a newly formed Business and Jobs Council aligns with our long-standing vision and will ultimately lead to a more skilled and productive workforce.

Investment in Infrastructure

As the backbone of economic development, infrastructure projects not only create jobs but also bolster the well-being of communities and regions. By endorsing a systemic and informed approach to infrastructure priorities, the government is not only fostering economic growth but also supporting our members and their families by ensuring a steady flow of construction projects.

Safety First

The safety of our workers is paramount. We appreciate the government’s commitment to ensuring safer workplaces in all industries across Manitoba. Improving workplace safety and restoring the Advisory Council on Workplace Health and Safety are crucial steps in safeguarding the well-being of our members. By its commitment to hiring more workplace health and safety officers, the government demonstrates its understanding of the hazards and challenges faced by workers daily.

Sustainability and Innovation

In today’s rapidly changing world, innovation and sustainability are essential for success across all industries. We are thrilled to see the government recognizing the significance of sustainability and the role of innovation in the economic development of our province. This acknowledgement paves the way for greener and more technologically advanced projects that benefit not only our environment but also the long-term viability of the construction industry.

Community Development

Construction projects are not just about building structures; they are about building communities. We support the government’s focus on community development and the creation of Manitoba Jobs for Manitobans. Efforts to promote economic growth and foster community belonging create a win-win situation for all stakeholders.


Manitoba Building Trades fully endorses the recently released Ministerial Mandate Letters. They reflect a positive and promising outlook for the construction industry, prioritizing key areas that align with our vision for a valued, prosperous, and safe workforce. By investing in infrastructure, promoting skilled trades, enhancing safety, embracing sustainability and innovation, and fostering community development, the government is not only shaping the future of our industry but also ensuring the well-being of our members and the broader Manitoban community. 

Together, we are building the future, and these Mandate Letters are the cornerstone. We look forward to working collaboratively with the government to achieve these goals and create a better, more prosperous construction industry for all.