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Office Closure Announcement in Response to COVID-19

March 13, 2020

Based on all available information, COVID-19 is not of high risk to the individual but of very high risk to our healthcare systems and medical practitioners as we cannot handle or will not be able to handle all the people who may require intensive treatment if the virus affects a large number of Canadians.

In order to help contain the contagion and to protect our healthcare system and our friends, neighbours and family, we are escalating our response as follows:

  • Effective March 16 to March 27, we are implementing a work from home protocol. All work will continue and we will keep all necessary meetings. Email, phones and all communication channels will remain open and we will maintain business activities to the fullest extent possible.
  • We will reassess this protocol every Friday afternoon and make changes as warranted including extending the protocol a week at a time or ending it.
  • All staff travel (aside from Site representatives) is cancelled till April 30.
  • For group meetings involving staff and/or Board members, we will follow Health Canada/Manitoba Health guidelines for the next 30 days and assess as circumstances change. For now, scheduled Board meetings etc remain in effect.
  • Site travel and work will follow Manitoba Hydro. We are in ongoing communication with Hydro and will keep you apprised.

We recommend each affiliated union review its own operations and have contingency plans to maintain business operations while protecting staff and increasingly, our healthcare system and fellow citizens.

will remain available by phone at 204-956-7425 and email at during regular business hours.
We would like to thank our hardworking health care professionals that are doing their part to contain the virus and treat those affected by this pandemic.
We will continue to monitor this situation closely and we encourage everyone to stay up to date through website.