April 21 - May 19 2021

Wednesdays 12 - 4 pm.

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It is essential that those working on Passive House buildings can properly install components, accurately implement design details, and also assess the impact that changes from planned work will have on the performance of the building. Mistakes during construction can be costly, especially in high performance buildings where certification is being pursued. This course teaches practical Passive House building techniques alongside theory, and prepares participants for the Certified Passive House Tradesperson exam. It is delivered as a combination of in-class lectures and hands-on workshop experience, incorporating actual building of Passive House details relevant to the Canadian construction industry.

PLEASE NOTE: This course teaches the skills and knowledge required for the Certified Passive House Tradesperson – Building Envelope Specialization exam.

Topics Covered


The Certified Passive House Tradesperson Exam is a standardized international exam set by the Passive House Institute. Certified Passive House Tradespeople will be listed in the directory on the Passive House website and also on the international Passive House Association website. The exam includes six interdisciplinary modules on Passive House principles and the application of those principles, and the Building Envelope specialization module.

April 21 – May 19 2021

5 Weeks – Wednesdays 12-4 PM

April 21 – 12-4pm

April 28 – 12-4pm

May 5 – 12-4pm

May 12 – 12-4pm

May 19 – 12-4pm


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Classes are held live via zoom and are recorded Participants will receive a package of materials to complete the practical components.

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