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Provincial Budget 2024

April 3, 2024


Winnipeg – The provincial budget signals a bright future for construction workers in Manitoba. “The Kinew government did a good job of being strategic in their spending,” said Manitoba Building Trades Executive Director Tanya Palson. “The decision to increase funding for apprenticeship will create skilled workers, and by extension taxpayers, for years to come.”

In addition to a $1.5 million dollar increase to funding for apprenticeship, the government announced funding for major infrastructure projects including $635-million for health capital investments (the design phases of the new Victoria and Eriksdale Emergency Rooms) and $160-million in capital investments in schools (two new schools in Winnipeg).

“With our population both aging and growing Manitoba has to build the infrastructure to accommodate that growth now,” said Palson. “While they were dealt a challenging hand, this government has risen to the occasion. Allocating funding towards building schools and hospitals not only means good jobs for Manitoba’s highly skilled construction workers, but it signals the government is thinking about the challenges of tomorrow, today.”

Budget 2024 is another important piece of the puzzle as we continue to work towards rebalancing the playing field for workers. The investments announced in this Budget will have a lasting impact.


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