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News | Manitoba Building Trades welcomes Tanya Palson as its New Executive Director

March 6, 2023

Winnipeg- The executive board of Manitoba Building Trades (MBT) is pleased to welcome Tanya Palson as their new executive director, the first woman to hold the position. Palson has worked for MBT for several years in a wide variety of roles and played a crucial role in the design, development, and opening of the Manitoba Building Trades Institute (MBTI). 


“Building on the history and success of MBT, we were extremely pleased to bring Tanya Palson on board to help pave the path for the organization’s future growth,” said Marc Lafond, President of MBT and Business Manager of the Operating Engineers 987. “Having already played a pivotal role in our provincial association and the recent opening of our multi-trades training facility, we know Tanya will ensure that MBT continues to play a crucial role in the workforce development and representation of skilled trades workers in Manitoba.”


Palson will be responsible for advocating for the unionized skilled trade professionals represented by MBT and creating labour partnerships on major Manitoban projects. She will also lead their advocacy efforts around community benefits agreements (CBAs). CBAs ensure that public infrastructure dollars are effectively spent on training opportunities for Manitobans, with a focus on training individuals from historically marginalized communities.


“There isn’t a day where we all aren’t benefiting from the skill and hard work that all our members put out into Manitoba. Our members have helped build this province and I am honoured to play a role in ensuring that continues. Being the first female executive director of the Manitoba Building Trades, I hope to bring a diverse perspective towards building upon our history and helping us write the next chapter,” said Palson. “A negative stigma still exists around skilled trades work, and we are facing the largest labour shortages our industry has ever experienced. It’s important to continue and expand our efforts with our community partners, and governments to open the door to the trades for so many Manitobans. Addressing not only shortages, but high labour standards, diversity, and emerging skill development.” 


About Manitoba Building Trades

Manitoba Building Trades (MBT) represents the common goals of over 10,000 construction and trades professionals across our 13 member unions. We promote the interests of our member unions and engage in project partnerships to deliver safe, skilled and highly productive labour. 

MBT has a long, active history which began as the Winnipeg Building Trades Council on March 9, 1909, which played a pivotal role in the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike. In 1943, the council began province-wide representation and it was renamed the Winnipeg and Vicinity Building Trades Council. In 1995, the Manitoba Building and Construction Trades Council was adopted as the new name, with a shift to Manitoba Building Trades coming later. 


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